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BBQ Tribal Tools Set

Introducing the N8ive Approach Grill Tribal Tools Set Collection. A beautifully customized 34-piece set of grilling accessories designed to provide you with everything you need for a complete barbecue experience.

This set includes a wide range of essential barbecue tools, including a grill spatula, tongs, fork, oil brush, knife, cleaning brush, a second head for the brush, extra meat claws, and various other useful BBQ tools. This comprehensive set is designed to make your grilling experience more convenient and enjoyable.

The tools in this set are made of commercial-grade stainless steel, which ensures they are rust-free, unbreakable, and heatproof. The metal is relatively thick (up to 1.5mm), providing a sturdy and durable structure. The matte finish not only looks great but also reduces cleaning hassles, and it's recommended to wash these tools by hand to maintain their quality.

The high-quality wooden handles are designed with tribal detail and provide a comfortable grip. They are 16 inches long, which is sufficient to keep you at a safe distance from the grill, avoiding flare-ups and splashing grease. The full-tang design of the handles ensures they won't come off easily, and they can be conveniently hung on the side of your grill.

This grill tool set is versatile and can be used for various cooking purposes. For example, the meat claws are great for pulling and shredding smoked pork or chicken effortlessly. The cleaning brushes are bristle-free and help you keep your grill clean. The flat kabob skewers can hold more food, and the meat thermometer prevents overcooking. These tools are designed to make your grilling experience more diverse and enjoyable.

All the BBQ tools are neatly organized in an oxford bag, making them easy to carry. This set is suitable for use with all types of grills, including gas, charcoal, ceramic, electric, and pellet grills, making it convenient for outdoor activities like camping, backyard cookouts, and picnics.

Overall, the N8ive Approach Grill Tribal Tools Set is designed to enhance your grilling experience with a comprehensive set of high-quality, durable tools that can be used for various grilling and cooking purposes. It's also conveniently portable and makes for a thoughtful gift for grill enthusiasts.

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