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Doormats - Medium

Introducing the N8ive Approach exclusive collection of doormats, crafted with natural colors and featuring captivating Hawaiian-inspired sayings and designs. These doormats are the perfect addition to your home's entrance, welcoming guests with warmth and a touch of aloha spirit.

Product Description:

  • Size: Each doormat measures 14" x 2' (14 inches wide by 2 feet long), providing ample space to showcase its vibrant design while serving its purpose as a functional doormat.
  • Material: Crafted with high-quality natural materials, these doormats are durable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. They are designed to withstand outdoor elements while retaining their vibrant colors and integrity.

Sayings and Designs:

  1. "Our Aloha is free, not our slippahs": This playful and lighthearted saying captures the essence of Hawaiian hospitality. It reminds everyone to leave their shoes at the door and embrace the spirit of aloha.
  2. "Ohana over everything": Emphasizing the importance of family and unity, this saying highlights the cherished Hawaiian value of placing family above all else.
  3. "Our roots run deep" with kalo image: This design features the image of the kalo (taro) plant, a symbol of sustenance and cultural significance in Hawaiian culture. It represents the deep roots and connection to the land that shapes the Hawaiian identity.
  4. "E komo mai" with islands chain: "E komo mai" translates to "Welcome" in Hawaiian. This design showcases the beauty of Hawaii with its depiction of the Hawaiian island chain.

These doormats make a wonderful addition to any home, providing both functional benefits and a touch of Hawaiian charm. Whether you want to showcase your love for the islands or create a warm and inviting atmosphere, our doormat collection is sure to impress. Welcome guests with the spirit of aloha and let these doormats set the tone for a memorable experience.

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Doormat - Medium


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