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Light Box Bundle

Introducing our N8ive Approach exclusive Light Box Bundles, a perfect fusion of artistry and inspiration. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Honu and I Am Enough designs. This bundle is thoughtfully curated to bring a touch of elegance and motivation to your space.


  • Light Box Dimensions: 8x8 inches
  • Available Colors: Black and White
  • Style Options: Honu (turtle) and "I Am Enough" with Woman Silhouette

What's Included:

  1. Light Box (8x8"): Illuminate your surroundings with the mesmerizing glow of our carefully crafted light box. Choose between the graceful Honu design or the empowering "I Am Enough" woman silhouette to create an ambiance that resonates with your style.

  2. Hibiscus Wood Sticker (2.5"): Our exclusive hibiscus wood sticker (2.5") adds a unique and tropical flair to your space, creating a harmonious blend of art and nature.

  3. "You Are Enough" Magnet (4x7") with Woman Silhouette: Remind yourself daily of your worth and strength with our "You Are Enough" magnet. Featuring a captivating woman silhouette, this magnet serves as a powerful affirmation and a stylish addition to your magnetic surfaces.

  4. Cork Pocket Mirror (3"): A compact and eco-friendly accessory that combines functionality with a heartfelt message. This mirror features the inspiring saying, "If we show love and be love, our children will follow," beautifully inscribed alongside the N8ive Approach Palm Trees logo, creating a unique and meaningful piece.

Transform your space into a haven of positivity and artistic expression with our N8ive Approach Light Box Bundles. Whether it's the serene presence of the Honu or the empowering message of self-worth, these bundles are designed to illuminate both your surroundings and your spirit. Embrace the artistry, embrace the affirmation – because you are enough.


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