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Cork Boards - Hot Plate

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Introducing the N8ive Approach Multi-Use 12" x 7" Wall Plate Cork Boards – the versatile solution designed for both office efficiency and convenient hot plate use. With easy wall attachment using 3M double-sided tape, this plate seamlessly integrates into your workspace while providing practical functionality.

Enhance your office organization with the Multi-Use Wall Plate. Its sleek dimensions of 12" length, 7" width, and 1/4" height provide ample space for keeping essential items at hand, from documents and stationery to personal devices.

Transform this versatile plate into a practical hot plate for warming your beverages or keeping your meals warm. Its dual functionality caters to both office professionals and those seeking convenience in their daily routines.

The included 3M double-sided tape ensures effortless wall attachment. No need for complicated installations – simply peel and stick the plate to the wall, creating an efficient and accessible storage solution.

With a length of 12", a width of 7", and a sleek 1/4" height, this plate offers a balanced combination of size and functionality. It fits seamlessly into various spaces without overwhelming the environment.

The minimalistic design of the Multi-Use Wall Plate blends effortlessly into any workspace or room. Its neutral color and unobtrusive profile contribute to an organized and clutter-free environment.

Looking for a practical and versatile gift? This plate is an excellent choice for professionals, students, or anyone seeking an efficient solution for office organization and convenience.

Discover the convenience of the Multi-Use Wall Plate, designed to streamline your office space and enhance your daily routines. From office organization to hot plate functionality, this plate offers a unique blend of practicality and innovation. Shop now and experience the transformational versatility firsthand.