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Eliana Youth Tee

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Introducing the Family Rich Eliana Youth Tee from the Family Rich collection, a delightful and vibrant addition to your child's wardrobe. This tee comes in a lovely shade of pink, adding a touch of sweetness to their style.

The standout feature of this Eliana Youth Tee is the Family Rich logo prominently displayed in white, featuring the elegant plumeria flower. The white logo beautifully contrasts against the pink background, creating a visually appealing and eye-catching design. The plumeria, a symbol of beauty and grace in Hawaiian culture, adds a touch of tropical charm to the tee.

Crafted with comfort in mind, this tee is made from soft and breathable triblend fabric that ensures a cozy and enjoyable wearing experience for your child. The high-quality material is gentle on the skin, allowing for all-day comfort and mobility.

Designed for youth, this tee offers a relaxed and casual fit that allows for easy movement, making it ideal for everyday wear or family outings. It pairs perfectly with shorts, jeans, or skirts, offering endless possibilities for creating stylish and playful outfits.

Not only does this Eliana Youth Tee showcase your child's love for family, but it also introduces them to the beauty of Hawaiian culture through the plumeria motif. It serves as a reminder of the significance of family bonds and the grace that comes with embracing those connections.

Let your child shine with the Family Rich Eliana Youth Tee in pink, featuring the white Family Rich logo and the captivating plumeria design. Celebrate the spirit of family and infuse their wardrobe with a touch of tropical charm.