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Embossed Glass Soy Candles 4 oz

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Transform your space with our N8ive Approach exquisite 4 oz soy candles, designed to offer a luxurious and soothing experience. Each candle is encased in a 2x2.5" embossed glass container, available in beautiful clear, teal, purple, and yellow options, and topped with a refined wood cover. These candles are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and serenity to any room.

Our Plumeria Blush option features a charming pink candle set in a clear glass container, creating a delicate and inviting ambiance. The Jasmine Orchid variety presents a sophisticated purple candle in a matching purple glass container, offering a rich and enchanting aesthetic. For a calming ocean-inspired vibe, the Jasmine Sea candle boasts a tranquil blue hue within a teal glass container. The Gardenia Moon option brings a touch of nature indoors with a green candle set in a vibrant yellow glass container. Each candle is beautifully adorned with crystals and dried flowers, enhancing both their visual and aromatic appeal.

Immerse yourself in the captivating scents and elegant designs of our N8ive Approach 4 oz soy candles. Whether you choose the floral delight of Plumeria Blush, the enchanting charm of Jasmine Orchid, the serene essence of Jasmine Sea, or the refreshing beauty of Gardenia Moon, these candles are perfect for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The addition of crystals and dried flowers not only adds to their aesthetic allure but also infuses your space with a sense of peace and harmony.