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FREEDOM Glass Soy Candles 7 oz

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Introducing our N8ive Approach captivating 7 oz Soy Candles, designed to bring a touch of elegance and freedom into your space. Each candle is encased in a sleek 2.5" x 2.5" glass container, topped with a practical cork and plastic cover to keep the scents fresh and protected. This stylish design ensures that the candles complement any decor, adding a refined and sophisticated touch to your home.

Our "FREEDOM" design features a unique layering of vibrant colors and enchanting scents. The top layer boasts the sweet and tropical fragrance of red-mango, followed by the fresh and floral aroma of white-gardenia in the middle layer. The base layer completes the experience with the soothing and warm scent of blue-vanilla. This harmonious blend of colors and fragrances creates a visually stunning and aromatic journey, evoking a sense of liberation and tranquility.

To further enhance the visual appeal, each candle is beautifully decorated on top with crystals and dried flowers. These decorative elements not only add to the candle's charm but also bring a touch of nature and serenity into your space. Perfect for personal enjoyment or as a thoughtful gift, our N8ive Approach 7 oz Soy Candles with the "FREEDOM" design are sure to transform any room into an inviting haven of relaxation and beauty.