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Pink Hibiscus

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Celebrate the vibrant beauty of the hibiscus with this delightful gift box, perfect for those who love the tropical charm and elegance of this iconic flower:

  1. Pink Hibiscus Lauhala Hat: This stylish hat features a lauhala design in pink, adorned with a delicate hibiscus motif, offering both fashion and functionality with a touch of tropical charm.

  2. Hibiscus Crocs Charm: Add a touch of floral elegance to your Crocs with this charming hibiscus accessory, perfect for personalizing your footwear with a tropical flair.

  3. Soy Candle Wax Melts:

    • Lavender Pink Hearts: These heart-shaped soy wax melts in a lovely lavender pink color provide a soothing lavender scent, perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance.
    • Jasmine Purple Stars: These star-shaped soy wax melts in a beautiful purple color offer a delightful jasmine fragrance, adding a touch of aromatic elegance to any space.
  4. Plumeria Pinot Candle in Embossed Glass (8 oz): This 8 oz candle comes in an elegant embossed glass container and offers a delightful plumeria scent, perfect for creating a calming and aromatic ambiance.

  5. Hibiscus Striped Snap Clutch: This stylish snap clutch features a striped design with a beautiful hibiscus motif, offering a practical and fashionable accessory for any occasion.

  6. Hibiscus Wood Stud Earrings: These charming stud earrings feature delicate hibiscus designs carved into wood, offering a natural and elegant accessory for any outfit.

  7. Necklace with Black Cord and Hibiscus Wood Charm: This elegant necklace features a black cord with a hibiscus wood charm, providing a simple yet sophisticated accessory that celebrates the beauty of the hibiscus flower.

  8. Hibiscus Hoop Earrings:

    • 30mm Diameter, 1.2mm Thickness: These stylish hoop earrings feature a delicate hibiscus design, offering a fashionable and elegant accessory to complement any look.

This carefully curated Pink Hibiscus Gift Box is perfect for celebrating special moments and achievements, offering a blend of practicality, style, and unique island-inspired charm.