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Island Thailand Wood Bowl Soy Candle 20 oz

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The N8ive Approach Island Thailand 3-Wick Wood Candle Bowl is a captivating and elegant addition to your home, designed to bring a touch of exotic tranquility. Measuring 5.5" x 9.5" x 2", (20 oz) this candle bowl features a chic charcoal grey wood bowl that effortlessly enhances any decor.

The candle, in a bold red color, fills your space with the enchanting and exotic scent of Island Thailand, transporting you to serene tropical landscapes.

Adorned with Asian-inspired decor, the bowl is beautifully embellished with crystals and dried flowers, adding an artistic and sophisticated touch. Ideal for creating a calming and inviting ambiance, the Island Thailand candle bowl is both a stunning decorative piece and a thoughtful gift choice.